PharmSolv Solutions

Dr. Ronald Harland

Dr. Ronald S. Harland has worked in the field of pharmaceutical product development and with advanced drug delivery systems for over 20 years. 

He has extensive experience in creating and commercializing new specialty products in the pharmaceutical industry.  In his career, he has been instrumental in the commercialization of more than 50 major products.  

Dr. Harland has started and grown 2 international drug delivery service companies.  He has also spent much of his career evaluating and assessing drug delivery systems for companies such as Bristol-Myers Squibb as well as partnering in development programs with companies such as Merck and Novartis.  

He is assisted by a Management Team and Advisory Board of experts with backgrounds and experience in drug delivery technologies and large pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, Teva, Watson and Merck.  Dr. Harland graduated from Purdue University with his Doctorate Degree in Chemical Engineering under the guidance of Professor Nicolas A. Peppas, a world recognized leader and expert in drug delivery and former President of the Controlled Release Society.


Dr. Ron Harland