PharmSolv Solutions



Breakthrough technologies for coating single particles to produce the next generation of taste masked, sustained/controlled release, directly compressible, odor masked or stabilized drugs or nutraceuticals.

[Self Micro Emulsifying (SME
(TM)) Liquids and Solids]

The most powerful of PharmSolv’s technologies designed for the delivery of “brick” dust (insoluble and/or poorly absorbed actives) to the body.  These Self Micro Emulsifying (SMEÔ) systems are suitable as fills in liquid-filled hard and soft gelatin capsules and as intravenous (IV) systems.  In addition, the microemulsions form upon contact with body fluids and serve to protect the drug.  This protection extends to applications with biologics and polypeptides  Improvements in onset of action and active bioavailability are other advantages to consider in the life cycle management of products.


Likewise, SMEÔ systems are applicable for high dose, pharmaceutical products in powder, beadlet, pellet or tablet forms.




Other PharmSolv Technologies and Product Services


- High throughput formulation of liquid and solid formulations of insoluble or poorly absorbed actives.  This system is designed to complement high throughput screening efforts in order to enter human clinical studies within 6 - 9 months from discovery of an active and eliminate any need for molecular redesigns


- Flash melt tablets (disintegration times < 20 seconds) for sustained/controlled release or taste masked products for infants, children or adults.


- Non-aqueous, nanometer suspensions and capsules that promote absorption and fast therapeutic action.


- Site-specific delivery systems for exact release of actives in the colon or lower intestine.


- Aqueous barrier systems for aqueous controlled release or taste masked systems.

Solvent-Free Granulations/Pelletization

- Free-flowing materials with improved drug delivery.

Liquid-Filled Capsules

Creams, Lotions & Suppositories